Sunday, March 10, 2013

4 Things Men Wish Women Knew

Let’s do this. Women, we men keep a ton of secrets from you. A ton. We would love for you to figure out what those are so you can be better girlfriends and wives, but we can’t just tell you. What kind of sense would that make? However, here at Angry Rose Bushes, my goal is to make you into The Perfect Woman (I see you all agree, since that post is, by far, ARB’s most popular). So what do we as guys wish you knew? Well, I could be here all day or I could give you four insights into the male mind:

1. Being Motherly is Hot

You know that nagging urge you have to go “aww, that’s so cuuuuute!,” head over to the toy section at the store, and talk in a baby voice? Embrace it. Men secretly love it. Why? Subconsciously, we know motherhood is a feminine attribute. We’re guys, thus, we tend to love women and femininity. Additionally, if you’re showing that you can be a great mom by being great with kids, friendly to animals, and caring and kind-hearted in general, well, you’re well on your way to a guy wanting either a long-term relationship with you or to present you with a wedding ring. Guys tend to determine within a couple of minutes whether a girl is in the slut pile or marriage material. How many motherly women do you think land in the slut pile? Exactly.
Google says these two are related. Hopefully they are mother and kid, to illustrate my point. If not, well...never mind.
2. We Want to Feel Needed

We pretend to be tough as nails on the outside, but in reality, we’re soft as marshmallows and/or a stuffed teddy bear on the inside...usually. The more independent you are, the less we feel like you need us in your life. Thus, make sure your man knows he helps you out and life is easier and better with him. We want you to validate the job we’re doing with compliments and gestures. Physical intimacy, including when you cuddle closer to us for support, counts.
Awww. Look how legitimately happy they look!
3. We Think You’re Attractive

Go figure, huh? Accept it. If we’re with you, we like you and think you’ve got yourself together. Feel free to act like it. No need to ask if all of these random girls are pretty or wonder if we actually want to be with you or not. If we didn’t, we’d be with someone else. You can walk with a swagger if you want.

4. We Want to Be With You Way Too Much And Show You Off to Everyone

We want to spend tons of time with you. And when I say that, I mean if there are seven days in a week, spending five with you, the girlfriend, is not excessive, especially from the get go. Unfortunately, we know that’s desperate and we’re supposed to be playing hard to get and mysterious, so we don’t see you as often as we’d like. Not only do we want to see you nonstop, but if you’re really that awesome, we want to show you off to everyone we know. Friends, our families, people at parties, etc. This is especially true at the beginning, but as the relationship matures, we still love telling people that you are our girlfriend and introducing you as such.
Can you figure out which one he's dating? My money is on the brunette.
Inadvertently, I may have shed some light on red flags for women. If you see your guy doing the opposite of some of these, run awayyyyyyy! In any case, you know what that means. It’s time to be motherly, make your guy feel appreciated, gain some confidence knowing he cares about you and thinks you’re hot, and know that he wants to see you constantly. Good luck!

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  1. Someone either (a) has a Freudian complex and wishes to find someone like their mother or (b) subscribes to Freud's theories.